Pizzja Homepage

What is Pizzja?

Pizzja is:

  • a project. Doesn't work yet.
  • a Jabber client: it sends and receives messages, manages presence information, manages roster, etc.
  • a Jabber component: you subscribe to it and control it remotely, through a regular Jabber account and client.
  • a client multiplexer-demultiplexer, since you can control a single "remote" resource from several local connected clients ("controllers") simultaneously.
  • a Jabber-to-Jabber gateway. Well, sort of: it doesn't mirror on the remote account the presence information (availability, status message, priority) of the local account, since there can be several controllers. See the TechnicalDetails for more information on how Pizzja handles presence.

It is not:

How to use it

Set up 2 Jabber accounts. One is your regular account (the one your friends know), the other can be random and not advertised.

  1. Run Pizzja somewhere and make it communicate as a component with a particular Jabber server.
  2. Start your favorite Jabber client, and connect to the "random" account (i.e. not your regular account) with it. For example, connect as random@blah/Home.
  3. Subscribe to the Pizzja component. You will be asked the JID and password of your regular Jabber account, for example 'regular@server'. Like any gateway (ICQ, Yahoo, etc.), Pizzja will then connect to your regular account. As a resource, it will use 'Home', i.e. it will mirror the resource of the local account.

From this point on, your friends will see you connected as regular@server/Home.

Optionally, if you want to control this same resource from more clients simultaneously, just connect as random@blah/Home/foo, random@blah/Home/something, etc. As long as a JID starting with random@blah/Home is online, your regular account will appear online.

Where can I see how Pizzja works exactly?

The TechnicalDetails page probably explains some of Pizzja internals.

Code details

You can browse the current code, or download the current code by running:

svn co http://svn.last-exile.org/pizzja

Pizzja is written in Python, and is licensed under the GPL v2.

How is it pronounced?

The way you like. I say "pizz-yah".

Who's writing Pizzja?

 David Ammouial (da HAT weeno DOUBT net)